Is a modern day reality and reveals itself in the body and the mind

Most people can manage a moderate amount of stress, however when we experience physical symptoms of stress or feel that our stress is ‘bottle-necking’ it's time to get some help. 

A ‘bottleneck’ of stress means we could have many life changes occurring at the same time for instance;- a relationship breakdown, moving house, struggling to see children, loss of a job and many more life changes all happening at once. In this busy modern day society this is more the reality than not.

The physical symptoms you may experience with stress can be breathlessness, hyperventilating, hot flushes, upset tummy, diarrhoea, sickness, or just nausea, inability to sleep, increasing alcohol intake and many others.

An intensity of emotion can be experienced for instance:- irritability, anger, tearfulness, rage, sadness, loss of desire and complete and utter despair.

My work and intensive training has enabled me to work effectively with both the physical and psychological symptoms of stress as stress reveals itself in the body as well as in the mind. Many people experience physical symptoms such as upset tummy, feeling nauseous, frequent trips to the toilet, breathlessness as well as the psychological symptoms already listed above.


Therefore we will use strategies that will ease the physical symptoms as well as managing the psychological ones.

Reaching out to me is the first step to your path of recovery, where we can work together identifying individual symptoms and reducing them.

We don't always need to look for the root causes but sometimes it certainly can help.

We can work together until you feel you are able to continue with your life more efficiently.