Depression can feel debilitating but it can be resolved. You do not need to stay in that dark place for long.

Are you feeling empty, worthless, debilitated, numb. Not engaging in social or physical activities?

Feeling so low can cause sleep disturbance leaving you to wake up feeling exhausted.

It can cause appetite disturbance, eating too much or too little; irritability which can lead to anger, or ruminating on past resentments. Depression can happen at any time and isn’t always brought on by an external event. At its worse it can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Depression can also bring on physical symptoms some of which might be lethargy, headaches , joint, limb and back pain.

By making use of psychotherapy, counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy you can help emerge out of that dark place you may that you feel trapped within.

By contacting me we can take the fist step in your recovery together .